Incredible things happen when the passion for real estate is combined with driven and talented individuals. At Dollars 4 Deeds, we use this to our advantage to create a positive change and lasting effect on our customers, families and community. It is of the utmost importance that everyone we encounter is always treated with respect by our motivated, knowledgeable and ethical team.

We ensure that our team members are experienced and capable of handling any real estate transaction and any customer need will be successfully dealt with as efficiently as possible.

To positively carry out any mission and meet any need, Dollars 4 Deeds has invested a great deal of time, passion and energy into the education of our team.

John Cleare has been investing in real estate and helping others invest for the past 11 years, closing more than 75 deals each year. Cleare’s mission is to transform lives by providing affordable housing and giving families and individuals the power to capitalize and enjoy the benefits of owning their own property. He believes in living life to the fullest and to him, nothing does that more than sitting at the closing table after seeing a deal through to the end.