John Cleare of Cleare Enterprise Solutions is professional, prompt, and resourceful. Definitely worthy of repeat real estate business and referrals. It’s been a pleasure. –Shanta A.

John is quick, efficient, extremely honest and always does what he says he’s going to do! – Robert Y.

John Cleare is a professional in every sense of the word. The value he adds to homeowners is unrivaled. The deals he provides for investors are ideal for growth. Cleare Enterprise Solutions is a vital piece of everything I do involving real estate. From beginning investors looking to buy their first investment to homeowners looking for a well-rounded, honest, solution provider… seek out John clear for your real estate needs… he has never failed me and I’m confident he will continue to deliver quality opportunities for years to come! – Matt B.

Professional transaction and quick close. We look forward to doing many more deals. – Patrick W.

It is so great to work with someone like John who works with such professionalism, honesty, integrity, is selfless, very helpful & knows how to get deals closed & not afraid to share his knowledge!! I highly recommend working with John!! – Mike S.

John is a great guy and a very smart investor. He knows investments very well. I would recommend John to any of my investors as he is very trustworthy and is a very hard worker. – Marlene T.

Hey John, you have been a blessing for me and my family. Your professionalism and kind heart cannot be matched! Keep up the great work my friend. – Kashmon D.

He is very professional and has great consulting skills. His work ethic is spot on. Highly recommend working with John. You won’t be disappointed. – Teddi H.

Great, fast, easy, closing all cash just closed a deal with them will recommend them to anyone. John is very professional and look forward to working with them in the future! –Mike G.

I thank God for John. He got me to the closing table smoothly and quickly without any problems. You have truly been an angel that God sent to me to help me close my deal. I look forward to doing more business with you. Take care and thanks for everything. – Shining D.

John handled my seller’s deal expertly and saved me a lot of problems. I’d work with him again, anytime! –Jason P.

Great guy to work with always delivers, very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend any investor to work with John! –Kyle H.

John Cleare provides A+ service, I very much enjoy doing business with them! They’re very professional and great at what they do and I would highly recommend them to anyone. – Anwar A.

John has worked hard closing deals for me in 2015 and I hope to keep going in 2016 thanks John! – Gene C.

John is the true definition of an expert with many years of experience, he will make sure the job gets done the right way. – DeJuan V.

I am a rehabber, landlord, and sometimes a wholesaler. When we came across a property outside our normal scope of operations, we called John to help negotiate the deal and wholesale it. This was a difficult deal with a seller who delayed for months, but in the end we were able to strike a deal with the seller and close within 2 weeks, despite a demolition order on the property. John is professional and through. We look forward to many more deals together. – Patrick W.

John, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you helped my clients with in closing on one your investment properties… You allowed yourself to be available to us, as we were moving through the closing, until it was complete, being patient and professional with all of us. THANK YOU, JOHN, for a job well done!! – Randall R.

John is such an amazing person. He knows the real estate industry better than 99 percent of the people out there. He works his butt off every day to get deals done. John is very professional and very trustworthy of a person. I would recommend John if you’re an investor or a wholesaler. – Avi T.

John is an absolute professional. He is exceptionally knowledgeable of the real estate industry, and has been a colleague for many years. I always enjoy working with him, and highly recommend him for real estate deals and mentorship. – Bianca C.

John is a very professional and positive person. He knows his stuff. He can streamline the process and will see the job done until the end. I would highly recommend working with him. – Teddi H.

John has helped give me a better understanding of how real estate works. He’s offered advice and recommendations to help me grow and get better. He’s awesome to work with because of his professionalism and knowledge he possesses. A real people person and great guy! – Mike S.

John has done a nice job getting my properties sold. He is persistent and can get the job done. I will continue to use him as a agent. Thanks, John! – Gene C.

John and the professionals at his firm are experts at creation solutions for both buyers and sellers in today’s residential real estate market. They truly know how to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. – Ethan D.

I had tried selling my house several times, and John could deliver results and get my home sold for the price I wanted. He is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. – Johnny L.

John did a terrific job purchasing our home and working hard to ensure we received the best price possible. A very dedicated professional! – Zack S.

I had the pleasure of working with John on a deal that recently closed. After our original buyers were unable to perform, we reached out to John who helped connect us with a new Buyer who closed in a matter for days. John was great to work with and I look forward to more transactions together. – Craig A.

It’s simple. John injects rational thought and a winning attitude to solve difficult real estate problems. His abilities to tune in to his clients, communicate effectively, and negotiate are first-rate and truly inspirational. I highly recommend John as a strong business partner and advisor to grow and find new solutions to your business needs. – Abhi G.

John is a very detail oriented person who knows how to complete the task at hand in a very professional and thorough manner. I would recommend John to anyone needing his services! – Jaime A.

John is quick to respond and has a positive attitude. He is a valuable network partner and makes a great first impression. While he has a strong work ethic, he is also efficient and values your time. John Cleare is a great person to work with. – Victor A.

John has the skills every High-Level entrepreneur should possess. I am honored to have him in my inner circle. Also, John is likable, trustworthy and does what he says he will do…Priceless. I highly endorse John Cleare. – Seth A.

At the time, I worked with John, I was self-employed as a Small Business Consultant, Loan Originator and Real Estate Investor. John was always extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest and delivered what he said he could. I have a high level of respect for his professionalism in the way he conducts his business! – Cynthia L.

John is a true visionary with the ability to look at a scenario or project and see what others couldn’t. John is a “big picture” thinker, using creative genius to navigate through a tough market. These qualities combined with professionalism, promptness, follow through, and a great work ethic make him invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with John again. – Peter H.

I would like to recommend John Cleare, of Cleare Capital Group, LLC. First, when it comes down to professionalism, he has it down cold. As a businessman John is always professional, trustworthy, and on the money when it comes down to business dealing. I give him my stamp of approval. – Christopher A.

John as the ability to get you want you need to conduct your business needs. A good person to have on your team. – Keith D.

I would highly recommend John in all areas of business. He is very personable, professional and dependable. – Dave D.

I have known John for many years – 8 years to be exact. As our passion for and knowledge in real estate has grown, I have noticed that our demand for excellence has as well. Always putting his client’s needs first, John has become the epitome of a true professional and has embodied the spirit of a value investor. Keep your eyes on John Cleare as he continues to exceed return expectations and grow wealth for his clients and himself! He will be the “go-to” real estate investor in the next few years! – Ashtyn B.

John is intelligent, hard-working, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable in the real-estate profession. His continuous pursuit of knowledge, a determination to succeed has equipped him with the tool necessary to pursue the best for his clients. When you do business with John you can rest assure that you are working with a true professional. – Joanna C.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with John Cleare in the past year. Getting to know him and his work ethic has influenced me to work harder. He is constantly growing his knowledge in the real estate investing field and is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to us doing more business in the future. – Torrey B.

I have known John through the years and had the pleasure of working with him on some investments as well as life insurance. He makes every instance his personal mission to get the job done right and to keep his clients informed. He is an asset to any organization and is an innovator in his field. He is amongst the creative, hardworking and a true testament to business done right. I am more than happy to endorse Mr. Cleare and hope to continue doing business in the future. – Ebony I.

John is quite well connected for many commercial real estate transactions in the Dallas / Fort Worth north central area of Texas. The information he provides is accurate and timely as well as adequately detailed and well organized enough to decide whether to contact him to pursue buying one or more of his properties. For such buyers, he may well be the right source for the next property to be obtained. – Ed B.

John is a motivated go-getter and does not wait around until deals come to him he goes and get them. – Gary M.

John is a seasoned professional in the areas of real estate and capital resources I highly recommend John for his expertise. – Seth A.